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Thursday, January 5, 2012


negativity of everything in my mind.
shuhhh.. shuhh...
go away.

& happy new year dear friends. new year means new age. new age means we are getting older & death is getting closer to us.

so, what's ur new year RESOLUTION ? obviously, like before, when were still a lalala kiddos, we always talked about our new year resolution. siap list out lagi. yet, last year punyer azam pon tak settle2 lagi. huu~

when few people are busy talking about their new year resolutions, & i just sit there, listen to them or read those statuses in facebook. macam best la plak. muahaha.. seriously, i have no new resolution(s). i just want to forget about the past, the bitters. the happy memories but recently, it seems faded away, so im going to forget about all that junks. ya. junks. there no use to remember those things b'coz others were easily letting it go from their memory storage.

& i... deleting those junks. formatting my memory storage & store another memories. yaa, i know. it kinda hard to forget the past.. but i'll not stop praying for it. may Allah helps me. may the junks go away.

& yeahhh... one more thing.. being a smart student yang akan score setiap semester. HAHAHAHA.. angan2 mat jenin. tapi.. mmg nak macam tu pon.

err.. owkeh la. btw, kata2 untuk malam ini. never ever trust people easily...!!! sbb once kiter da percaya, & bler sumthing happen kiter akan sangat amat kecewa. trust me. :)

p/s : zaman skola was the best-est years ever. & it will never be da same for me.

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