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Friday, January 6, 2012

words are dangerous

well, with words people can get hurt easily. normally in facebook, when u post sumthing to condemn sumone, but unfortunately, others are getting hurt. & not the intended person.....

& it seems hard for you to put thing in the right place again. hurmmm..

well i guess. it happens to me.. i posted that status for sumone. but there were people misunderstood it. seriously, what shud i do? i was blurred. shud i clear it out to that person. that the status wasn't for him/her.

it does put me in the state of blurriness. huu~

so, sorry guys for the words that may came out from my mouth. & the words that showed up in the facebook & blog. im sorry for the wrong i've made intentionally or unintentionally.

p/s : i need u as always. & i miss the way we used to be. the laughable moment. the sharing is caring part.

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