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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

current mood

feel like deactivating my facebook. my blog. off my phone. & anything that people may contact me.

need some time to be alone. to be in my world. need some space. for me. & only me. no one else.

dun feel like xposing my self to the world. feel like wanna be in a room for some time. & get out from that room when i feel so. when im ready. when the feelings disappear.

or.. can somebody just be here for me. make me calm. need somebody to help me. somebody who really know myself, my life. i just want to share everything that burden me inside. everything.


  1. kwn skola:awat??hope ok lps nie..

  2. ntah. tataw.
    hopefully gonna be ok after this.

  3. kak, kalo tertekan, smile dpn cermin, n cakap, u not be alone, sbb er ade...