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Friday, March 4, 2011

Pendidikan Jasmani

ok. yesterday, i tot that the program will be held till my last PJ session. & ouchh.. i was wrong. the program, stated there, finish on 9.30 am. & my bad. my last PJ session was on 9.45 am..

so, with my yesterday tot, i was wearing a Baju Kurung to school. supposedly, baju PJ la kan. & guess what.. i was teaching PJ wearing baju kurung. ahaxx..
one of my students : "cikgu, macam mane nak PJ kalo cikgu tak pakai baju PJ"
me : "eh, yang PJ awak. sayer tak PJ pon"


the truth.. "how am i going to teach them to jump here & there, run here & there with this baju kurung?" huhuhu

u know what happened..? i was jumping & running with baju kurung. okokk.. my fault. im sorry. huhu

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