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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

kisah si guru ganti 2

ouhh.. sori. i have lots of stories to tell. that's why i have this second part. huhu

it was happened this morning. after i had my pJ lesson. i was on my way to the teacher's room. & there were few standard 6 boys passed by me. suddenly a boy said...
boy : cikgu, cikgu ni cantik la. nak kenal boleh?

unfortunately, i cudn't see which boy was talking like that to me. kalo tak.. mmg da panggil suruh berhenti da..

aish.. kecik2 da pndai nak meng'usha'. nak usha cikgu pulak tuh..! where's da respect boy..?! u shudn't behave like that.

& teringt plak dulu2. when i was in primary and secondary. never acted like that. we have the utmost respect towards the teachers. & olders. but pupils nowadays. i dun know where is the wrong till they can act like that.

&... there were so many differences between now & then.

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