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Thursday, April 28, 2011

its 28 yawww..

its been a year and 5 months..
hell yeah. 17 months..!
*yurpp.. some may see it as little, but we know what we had been through all this while*
& in 17 months..
so much things that we had been through together..
from the little things to do the biggest things.. huu

and.. yurpp.. even it is just 17 months.
i know i love him.

& i hope.
i wish.
i pray.
that this will last forever.
insyaAllah.. with Allah wills.

love cant just be described by words kannn..?
to you.. *u know who u are*
if only love can be described by words.
i guess.. there will be no specialties in LOVE.
& no surprises too..
just feel the love..
feel it deeply. & u know how big is my love for .

 err.. im no good in words.
i love you.
& i know.
i will always love you.

pssstt : love cannot be measured by only saying I LOVE YOU kannn..?

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