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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

okay. im back.

haha.. it wont last long for me to keep silent in here. not even a week pon i left diz blog & i already here, posted sumthing new. lalala~ so.. a boooooo for me. haha

its kinda boring when u have nothing to do when the only thing u do when u r all alone is typing in here. & read sumone blog. but then.. u just stop & acting like blogging is not important. *sigh* i know i failed. huu~

& about my sequel. i guess. im gonna start it after this. just gathering all the things that i want to type in there. & hah.. i baked again. last Sunday i guess. i baked a corn custard. the taste.. ? like a pro one laa. haha. rasa nyer macam nak letak dalam cocktail laa.. perghh.. mmg lazat kan. hehehe

hurmm... what else..? ouhh nothing. huu~ ok. to be honest. im building up myself to be more independent, stronger, and hardworking too. as im a lazy girl afterall. so, hardworking is the most important thing for me to build up. haha.. sounds exuberant.. but anyone who knows me will laugh when they read this thing. HAHAHA.. im really confident bout that. hoo~ come on.. just give me some support to be more hardworking.. pehlisss.. wee~

& yeahh. my MUET. i am very OK with the listening, reading & speaking. & so damn fcuking hate the writing..!! huhu.. & hell yeah. stated there in my profile.. i love writing & its my passion for the TIME BEING..  i do love writing. but not ACADEMIC writing. whoahh.. justt.. hoping for the best. *finger cross* insyaAllah.

yeahh.. a quote for today. just sharing sumthing & it might as well helping you to be more stronger from day to day.

"it's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not."


  1. kwn skola:nope la...diorng x gelak pun..hehehe..
    ker eden nie yang x bpe knl kamu...heheheh..gdluck2..

  2. but u did laugh. huu~
    tenkiu tenkiu

  3. dgr2 finger cross tu tak elok disebut oleh org islam..

  4. wallahu alam..
    but thanx for the info..


  5. Assalamualaikum.

    Saya mewakili pihak Pentadbir dan Warga e-Group Relexjap.

    Salah seorang warga grup telah bertanyakan hukum penggunaan ungkapan 'keep your fingers crossed' dan beberapa warga lain merasa was-was dengannya.

    Menurut salah seorang warga yang telah melakukan kajian sendiri di World Wide Web (WWW), asal usul kalimah "keep your fingers crossed" itu telah bertitik tolak sebelum kewujudan agama Kristian lagi. Menurut informasi tersebut lagi, kalimah berkenaan sebenarnya merupakan tanda 'good luck' ataupun bila 'making a wish'; digunakan sebagai 'figure of speech' dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan mana-mana agama pun, baik Kristian atau apa jua.

    Pada pandangan sesetengah warga, ungkapan ini bukanlah sebagai suatu 'doa', malah perbuatan 'menyilang jari' itupun sebenarnya tidaklah membabitkan sebarang perlakuan zahir (seperti menadah tangan untuk berdoa).

    Semoga penjelasan pihak Tuan dapat meleraikan kemusykilan ini.


    hee~ trus carik hukum dier. sbb pe yg ak tau. finger cross ni lebih kurang macam wish me luck.