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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lekk luu lekk luu.. ^_^

der. lek luu .. huu~ here are few reasons why am i asking u to be calm..

this blog.. my blog.. this blog was being created because i want to share anything that can be share with readers. ok?

this blog.. my blog.. isn't a place for me to start any argument or fights. ok?

this blog.. my blog.. is a place, hurmm.. actually the only place that i can spill out my dissatisfaction, anger, sadness, sweet, bitter, happy and ETC. my blog. so, it is up to me kan..?

i have no intentions in hurting anyone feelings with my words in here, my blog. any dissatisfaction, u can tell me & we will try solve it. if possible la kan.

my only reason for having this blog because i want to share my writing & having some readers to read it. ok..?

so.. any consequences that may occur after u read anything in this blog.. i wont be responsible for it. it is on ur own risk. thank you

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