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Monday, June 6, 2011

her E-day

one step to be sumone's wife. & another one step before she is officially becoming a wife. & the day is going to be next year. a year from now. setahun lagi tinggal untuk eqa mengendeng2 kat dier. mintak itu ini. HAHAHA

kakak.. congratulation for ur engagement. hopefully, everything is going to be okay till the big day. & hopefully, everything is going to be okay between u & him for the rest of ur life. aminnn..

& im happy for you. sorry, i wasn't there to see u. wasn't there to snap pictures of u while his mother put a ring into ur finger. i wasn't there. hurmm.. quite aggrieved. hmm.. takpe takpe. i'll make sure i'll be there masa kakak nikah nnti. :)

so, some pictures were taken by me & edited by me. as well as i love photography & editing. so, my sista just asked me to do all the photography session. BUT, there was a but.. there was no outdoor session. haha.. she didn't want it. me either. & because of i wasn't there masa the discussion & sarung cincin. gambar tak bnyk. wee.. so, i will put some of the pictures & the rest... u can see it in my facebook. :)

yang laen laen. tgk kat SINI k..