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Thursday, June 9, 2011

today is a beautiful day

yurpp.. it is. today is a beautiful day. the weather, the day. huu~ what is so beautiful about today..? what else if a girl can date her lovely one. kannnn..? wee~ akk p dating dek non oii.. :)

it was supposed to be yesterday. supposedly laaa. but we had some matters yang agak2 macam tableh blahh, then postponed it to today. so, keluarlah kami berdua jejalan makan angin cuci mata. ehh. eqa tak cuci mata pon. tapi mR. Bunchet yg dok cuci mata. ishkkk.. mata tableh dok diam sungguh. babap kangg. hehehe

so, as eqa always said, a date without pictures, sooooo not a date. wee~ today theme was 'day at the Museum'. lalala~

chet... love u now, love u tomorrow & love u always.

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