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Friday, June 17, 2011

stalk. stalking. stalker

my part time job. so, anyone who wants someone to stalk on sumone, so plz.. jusk find me. hehehe. i can be that someone to help u. muahaha

& yeahhh.. sometimes, some people wrongly used the "stalk, stalking & stalker" words. i mean. from the grammar point of view. *gedik kan??* ..nak tegur. tp nnti malukan dier plak. tapi, cikgu cakap. kne tegur. kne tolong orang yg tataw. tp.. kesian plak klo org tu dapat malu. so, kiter biarkan je. huu~ but, ini bukan the main story. so, proceed.......

ouhh yeahhh.. i've been doing some stalking work. *hebat tak* haha.. i saw something yg orang laen talked about me. eh. wadehek...??? whats wrong with ya people. nothing else to do..? really..? is that the only good thing that u can do for me..?? whoaahhh.. thanx for the deeds people. im touched. SERIOUSLY..

please, do not hesitate to talk to me DIRECTLY. im not a lion, like i wanna eat u after u talk to me *err~ if im a lion pon, i wont eat u. coz ur meat busukkkkk..!* & im not an alien. macam la eden nk kidnap hang lepas hang da dok kutuk eden depan2 kan.

ouhh people... knpe la macam tu kann..??? pity me. ouhh no.. PITY YOU. sbb tade akai. ~.~"

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